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The small nestlings in the nest need the care of the mother, but we have gradually got used to flying out of the nest, because we know that "Where is the house not sweeping the world?" In the team training, despite the patient guidance over and over again, Some people will be imprisoned for all of us because the actions are not in place Marlboro Cigarettes Price, but no one will complain because we are a group. No matter the honor or disgrace, everyone should bear it together.The three-day military training life ended in our sweaty water. When I once again picked up the clothes and walked out of the military training base, I really couldn��t bear the land that left us sweat and smile, and I was reluctant to get along with each other and strictly demand us Marlboro Red. Instructor.We are no longer a small nestling without the world. We learned to cherish it and learn to give it. This is the charm of military training. Here is our sweat Cigarette Online, our laughter, and the kind of hardship we will use in our future life! The three-day military training is over, and the end means a new beginning. The alarm of the real challenge is now ringing in my heart!During these three days, we learned the standard posture of standing, erecting, turning left and right, and so on. We also tasted the taste of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, and let us learn how to have steel. The general will must have the spirit of perseverance, not afraid of suffering and not tired, and with perseverance and determination, we can overcome all difficulties. Although military training is very tired, but let us learn some valuable things, I think it is worthwhile even if you are tired again.It is unrealistic and unreal to say that it is unrealistic and untiring in military training. It is a collective dormitory. It is the "three dishes and one soup" often mentioned in the army. Can such conditions be said to be not bitter or tired? But I still feel the joy and significance of military training, because only in such an environment can we really hone the will, improve the overall quality, cultivate the overall situation and team spirit, and improve efficiency. And asked not to talk about conditions in front of training, do not make excuses, not afraid of hardship, resolute and vigorous, and prohibit the line. The seemingly simple requirements are between the time of the transition, the time between the stop and the stop, the time between the gathering and the tempering, which makes me clearly aware of my own gaps and deficiencies, but inspires and instructs the spiritual power. Under the spur of the collective reputation or efforts to do every move, complete each training subject. It seems to be a short three-day military training, and it is of great significance, affecting the abyss.ilitary training not only cultivates people's spirit of hard work and hard work Marlboro Red 100S, but also hones their strong will. If there is a bit of work, there will be a harvest, and it is true. If there is no pay, there will be no gain. Correct attitude, correct position. Standing in the military position, giving me the body that does not bend my back, also gave me endless perseverance. Practice the body, reflecting the agile thinking, but also reflects the team awareness. No dripping water, no water into the sea. Without the unremitting efforts of each of us, there can be no complete, high-quality team.The three-day military training is just a little bit of my youth, but as I mature, I am more eager to maintain a long-lasting military training experience. Military training has honed my will and pushed some of our lives to the limit. It is my spirit that has changed. It will extend to every spring, summer and autumn in my life. In fact, on the road of my own life, I should also be filled with a road of my own footsteps. Even if the road is full of thorns, even if every step of the road is so muddy and so bumpy Cheap Cigarettes, I have to let myself step on and step on it. Go and explore and go! I think that the road is a true self-image, and there is no intention of false pretense.