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On April 1st, we took the daily necessities to the "Xili Paralysis Military Training Base" and received military training. In the vastness of our parents, we embarked on a military training journey. On the way to military training, the students are like chicks who have just walked out of the nest, and can't wait to experience the fun of military training with curiosity. Unexpectedly, when I entered the gate of the base, I was infected by a serious atmosphere. From this moment on, I am ready to take the courage to face the severe test.When I got off the bus, the instructor blew the whistle hanging on my chest. I looked up at the classmates and directed us to line up the team, divide the dormitory, and arrange the bed. The instructor gave us 10 minutes to go to the dormitory to put things and gather them right away. Then, go to the cafeteria to eat. After lunch, we dragged our lazy body and arrived at the designated meeting place in twos and threes. As the instructors screamed, we entered the queue one after another. The instructor announced: "The training program in the afternoon is to stand up and take a break Marlboro Menthol 100S." Oh, it's easy, it's easy to learn. Who would have expected that a lot of essentials Newport Cigarettes Website, such as abdomen, chest, and front, would be "dumb to eat berberine, and there is no way to say it"! Standing for a long time, the feet have been as unconscious, and the sweat on the forehead fell to the ground. After the dissolution, he began to practice again. The time was 30 minutes Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and the students were silent. One day, I was sore and I couldn't lift my feet.In military training, it is very hard and tired, but it is a life experience, the best opportunity to overcome self and exercise will. Although there are unspeakable sweet and bitter feelings in the heart, the skin becomes black and white under the scorching heat of the hot sun, but this is not a kind of happiness, a courage to better advance towards the goal of life, but also adds a self-improvement Confidence?The postures of the instructors on the training ground are handsome and graceful. They are mature and capable. This is the unique temperament of the military. It is the will to be tempered in a difficult environment Marlboro Red 100S. It is formed compared with our childish face. Significant differences. They have what we have to learn, different styles that are revealed by different ages. The more you can exercise a person's perseverance in a difficult environment, and hone one's will, isn't it?he night is quiet, only the dragon is still playing a beautiful piece of music. On the dark night, there were bright stars, flickering, like a gem, like a pearl. They use their own shimmering light to slap the earth, making people feel so soft and comfortable.After training for a day, I was lying on the bed with fatigue, curled up with sore feet, and gradually fell into sleep. The morning whistle awakened me from my dreams, and the room was in a mess: some couldn't find the shoes, and some of them took the wrong clothes. I quickly jumped out of bed Marlboro Lights, put on my shoes and went straight to the outside, half a minute faster than others. It turned out that I fell asleep on the bed, and did not take off my coat. It can be said that God helped me and me!